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Security Solutions and Consulting

Originally recruited into the Federal Government at just 17 years old, Jason went on to assist several branches of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the implementation and oversight of high-level security operations. From physical searches, to explosive trace detection, from the securing of perimeters, to the securing of information, we have the connections, experience, technical knowledge, and analytical prowess to design and implement the best possible solution for your home, business, or event.

Obama Inauguration Crowd in 2013


Information Gathering and Analysis

We're great at creating solutions to protect you, your family, your business operations, your information, and your assets, but often that means more than implementing the latest IT solution. Whether you're building a new business, building a home, hosting an event, designing a new system, or simply looking to streamline what's already place, let us do the research, analyze the facts, and help to keep you on the best possible track. No matter the obstacle, we're here to help make sure you arrive at the best possible outcome.



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